Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zindagi ki raah mein

Zindagi ki raah mein phool to bahut khile the par kaantein chune maine
Mefilon me shaamil to hua par humesha tanhayee ka dard paya maine
Zindagi se kya gila karte apno se hi jab begane hone ka ehsaas paya maine
Tumhare dillagi ko pyar samjh ke sab kuch khoya hai maine
Yeh kahan ka insaaf hai pyar karne ki saza sirf payi maine
Tumhare bina in aansuon aur tanhayee ke siva shayad hi kuch paya maine
Mohabbat karne ka dard mere hisse mein hi kyon paya maine
Kaise bharega ab ye zakhm jo tuj bewafaa se dil laga ke paya maine



Kuch halke se sapne mein wo aayi
Bikhrne taufa-e-ishq wo aayi..
Kise samjhaauun kya hua
Aisa toh na tha pehle kabhi hua..

Dil bechaara hua beghar..
Begaanaa hua apne hi sahar
Din ho ya raat bas soch mein wohi
Ye kya hua batlaaye koi

Uski hi soch har khayalon mein
Manzil wohi har ek raahon mein
Ye dil ho gya hai bekaabu
Khwabon mein khoye rahe harsu

Kaid na kar paau isse
Aise bhatke ye dil bechaara
Kise samjhaauun kya hua
Aisa toh na tha pehle kabhi hua



Zindagi ki toofanon mein ek dagmagati si kashti hai meri
Mohbbat mein barbaadi ki misaal jo bane aise hasti hai meri
Khwabghaon mein bin chirag-e-mohbaat k aise bhtakaa ki
Ek roshni ki kiran ko bas jaise aankhein tarasti hai meri


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Top 10 simple tips for a healthier home

Health and hygiene go hand in hand. Here are some super simple things you can do in your own home to make it more hygienic, and thus healthier, for you and your family.

Top 10 simple tips for a healthier homeSimple tips for a healthier home

1. Dust your house regularly

Dust in the house is one of the primary reasons for many respiratory diseases and allergies. Keep your home dust-free by dusting regularly (a damp cloth picks up dust far better than a feather duster), changing your bed sheets once a week and minimising clutter than can accumulate unwanted dust.

2. Clean your shower curtain from time to time

If you use shower curtains in your bathroom, remember that they can be a hot bed for all kinds of bacteria and mould thanks to the mix of moisture and soap in the bathroom. Wash your shower curtains regularly to keep them clean. Most of them can be thrown into the washing machine, along with your towels, so much effort needn’t be put in. (Test your shower curtain first to make sure it doesn’t bleed colour though – you don’t want to inadvertently dye your other clothes!)

3. Always flush after putting the lid down

This is really important. Make it a habit to always put the lid down on your toilet seat before flushing. Tiny particles and water splash out of the toilet seat every time you flush and you don’t want all those particles on the other stuff in your bathroom – especially your toothbrush!

4. Avoid wearing shoes around the house

Removing your shoes and wearing only your home slippers when you’re indoors is a common practice in many states of India – and a very good one at that! Why bring all that dirt and filth from outside into your clean home? Just leave it at the doorstep.

5. Check your LPG gas cylinder pipe regularly

Most LPG gas companies recommend that you change your rubber tubing at least once in two years. It’s also a good idea to have the person who changes your cylinder to check your pipe at every visit. A leak in the pipe is a serious situation and could lead to a fire or much more.

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Effective strategies to manage stress

Adding stress to our lives seems easy enough. It’s getting rid of it and managing it that’s the tough part. We have a magic word for you that’s bound to reduce some of that stress. Read on for more.

Tips to reduce stress and stay calm

The big S word: STRESS

Stress has become a malady spanning individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. We live in an ‘instant ‘ time where everyone wants something instantly. Too many expectations from us and the tension of living up to them takes a toll on our mental and physical well-being. Do you remember the last time you went for a relaxing walk or just stood in your balcony watching the world go by? Do you keep reminding yourself about that one day you will pick up the paintbrush to paint or start swimming? Our guess is… NO. That world ceases to exist.

Ways to minimise stress

To tackle stress, the first step is to acknowledge that you are feeling burnt out and your enthusiasm for things you previously enjoyed has deteriorated. So when you feel the stress creeping up on you, remember to feel RESTED.
R—Relaxation:  Incorporate relaxation into your day. Be it a hobby or meditation, make sure you spare a chunk of time to read your favourite book, watch that television serial or call a friend who matters.
E – Exercise:  When it comes to the human body the old adage ’use it or lose it’ holds good. Being fit has numerous benefits and helps ward off illness. To add to that, you’ll look great and your clothes will fit better too.

Courtesy-  Dr Nisreen Nakhoda, General Physician

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Effects of stress on the body

Stress – what it does to your body!

Stress is stressful not just for our minds but also for our bodies. We know some of the problems stress can accelerate, but it’s important to be aware of all of them. So here’s a comprehensive list of all the possible negative effects stress can have on us – phew! Brace yourself, the list runs long.
  • Bad for your immunity. Stress decreases your immunity and makes you prone to infections. When you are stressed out, your immune system becomes weak and hence you are prone to picking up an infection, which may not happen when your resistance is good. Common colds, the flu and even the progression from HIV positive to full-blown AIDS can be blamed on stress.
  • Makes you tired. Stress can make you fatigued and you may complain of various muscle pains. This is basically the body’s way of making you sit up and take notice. Your body is telling you to stop; pain is the language the body uses to get your attention to its sad state and clear up the mess.
  • Stress and ulcers. Ulcers in the oesophagus and stomach can be caused or exacerbated due to stress. This is because stress causes the release of hydrochloric acid from the stomach, which contributes to acidity and in the long run may cause peptic ulcers to form.
  • Stress headaches. Stress causes blood vessels in the head region to constrict and thereby leads to headaches. The most common type is the ‘tension headache‘ but stress can even trigger a migraine in those susceptible to it.
  • Lead to chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses, like asthma, which causes narrowing of the air passages in the lungs and some skin conditions like eczema (extremely dry skin associated with itching) have been linked to stress.

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    10 sure-shot give aways you’re not sleeping enough

    Our fast paced lives are full of work and stress. Our metaphorical plates are overflowing with more things to do than we can imagine and then there’s the internet as an add-on (like the whipped cream on the coffee) that keeps people way longer than they should.
    So are you sure you are getting enough rest to be a fresh new person every day? Read on to know if you need to grab the blanket, switch the lights off and get some dream-time.
    1. Online at 3: So you get up in the middle of the night and check your phone. You see so many notifications that your eyes are wide open and you go online and start replying to mails, tweeting, updating statuses or pinning at odd hours. These are all good indications that you are losing your sleep.
    2. Forever stressed: You can’t tolerate people, you shout at them. You are stressed and you have no idea when was the last time you felt happy. Maybe all you need is a nap.
    3. Forget-me-yes: You keep on forgetting things. You walk into the same room thrice and go out without taking what you really wanted. Birthdays are forgotten. You are late for meetings and gosh, you don’t even remember what exactly you were doing!
    4. Funny with food: You go crazy with the food. Either you keep on eating or you don’t feel like eating at all. You don’t understand when you are hungry and your relationship status with food is strictly complicated.
    5. Weighty issues: You are gaining pounds and that muffin top is turning into a big wedding cake. It is shouting ‘sleep deprivation alert’. Listen to it, won’t you?

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    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    What is love?

    People say love can’t be defined.. but I feel that u need to know what love is in order to know your relation better!!
    If u can’t explain what love is..
    then u probably don’t know what it is!
    Yeah, it is a feeling beyond words..
    .but then there are ways to describe it!
    It might turn out to be that the feeling u think is love isn’t love actually! Love at first sight? is that love?
    what do u know about that person that u fell in love with?!
    love means to care, to understand, to share, to love, to be happy, to make sum1 smile, to tease that sum1, love means to respect, to believe, to have faith, to be loyal and faithful…
    Love…that’s what it is! How can seeing sum1 can make u fall in love with sum1?!
    that’s lust not love! when u endlessly care for sumone, when u r always there for sum1, u make them smile, they make u smile, u have great understanding and support each other.. this doesn’t mean that u r lovers!
    it might be so that u guys were meant to be best friends! friendship often changes into love…but not always it is love! love is greatly messed up with friendship!
    no other feeling is as great as this is! when other people say “Hey u can’t be just friends with him or her! u people have so much in common!”
    just say “Yeah! and that’s why v r best friends!”
    value what u have got! just cause u do not have ‘some one special’ doesn’t mean that u can make any body that ‘some one special’! give time to every thing! Wait for love to knock at your door instead of chasing it!!

    Mann Mera — Gajendra Verma (Lyrics)

    Saari raat aahen bharta
    Pal-pal yaadon me marta
    Maane na meri mann mera
    Sooni-sooni shyam soone savere
    Behate haiin aansoo mere
    Jaane kuch bhi na mann mera
    Kabhi tera tha jo begaana hai ab woh
    Deewana deewana samjhe na
    Kabhi khoya rahe, kabhi roya phir kare
    Kabhi tute hue sapne sanjoya phir kare
    Koi mann se uljhe na, koi mann se jeete na
    Dil raina aisa kar diye phir bitaaye beete na
    Re mann mera mane na mann mera
    Ragg-ragg woh samaya mere
    Mujhko khudaya mere
    Us.Se mila yaa de mitaa
    Karoon fariyaad pukaroon tujhko
    Yaa to de dilbar mujhko
    Dil ya seene se de hataa
    Mujhe saari umar sataana hai ab woh
    Deewana deewana samjhe naa
    Hoh hoh
    Kabhi khoya rahe, kabhi roya phir kare
    Kabhi tute hue sapne sanjoya phir kare
    Koi mann se uljhe na, koi mann se jeete na
    Dil raina aisa kar diye phir bitaaye beete na
    Re mann mera mane na mann mera
    Aisa bhi kya re dil ka lagana
    Aisi bhi kya re mohabbat
    Aankhein milake ye maine jaana
    Rone se milti nahi fursat
    Kabhi chup-chup rahe kabhi zidd pe aa jaye
    Bas ek tarikaa dhundhe
    Jis.Se dil ko paa jaye
    Kabhi tujh bin jee loonga
    Kabhi mar jaaonga main
    Tujhse sau baatein karta
    Haaye dil toh verma mere
    Re mann mera mane na mann meraa

    “Things a guy should never do on a date”

    Preparing for a date is a tricky thing. You might have dated a number of girls in past, but that does not make you a player. There is no guarantee that you will be able to woo or impress the girl you are going to meet.
    You might look your best on that day, have taken the shower twice or a full two hours in saloon. But that does not ensure success.
    The first date can be like a “sale”. You are a salesman and the girl is your customer. You have great product (thats you) and the girl might be a serious customer. But, a few unwanted things you do and you are finished.
    We asked girls on our faceboook pages as “what a guy should never do on a date?”
    Here are the replies:
    “Talking about ex” – Now, this is a great turn off. You should never talk about your ex on first date. This is an absolute no-no.
    “Be who you are” – You should not be bragging or trying to become someone else. You have to keep it simple and natural.
    “Keep checking your phone” – Girls need attention and when you are on a date, they want you to pay attention to what she is saying. If you keep checking your cell phone, she does not like it. It also shows that you are low on confidence. So, keep your phone away. And if you are carrying “HTC ONE”, keep it in your pocket. The girl does not care if it is a Rs 36000 phone. :P
    “Dont discuss cricket” – Cricket is the most popular topic to talk on in India. But, for god’s sake, dont try to show off your cricketing acumen. You might think that if Dhoni listened to you in last match, he would score a ton. But, she wont give it a damn.”
    “Dont wear sunglasses evening, that makes you look stupid. Once the sun is down, put your Rayban Avaitor off”
    Here is a list of topics, a girl would not like to talk about on the date. You better skip them:
    1) Computers
    2) Bikes
    3) Football, Cricket, other sports
    4) Apps

    The expert comments ( :P ) :
    Pallavi Goyal says, “don’t be too formal & not too informal !!! be normal !!!! make her feel comfortable frst n thn try getting closer to her !!!! never ask her abt her past on the 1st date itself !!!! talk on normal romantic topis,, neither too boring nor too mushy !!!! :-)
    Farah Khalique says, “Bth shd b honest 2 each othr n both shd rspct each othr,evn each othr’s priorities. If a gal dslikes smthn,da boy shld nvr do it n if a boy dslikes smthn dn a gal mst also abstain 4m it,dey shd b trthfl 2 each othr n shd nvr hide smthn whch z rlvnt 2 dr rltnshp n 2 bth of dm. Its true,V mst lrn 2 behv wd ppl in da sm way as V xpct dm 2 behave wd us. Ds cn nly hppn,whn ds ppl knw each othr prprly,so,blnd dts shd b avoided as fr as pssbl,cz hr da chnces of deceit z max.”
    Aparna Shukla Tripathi says, “do not try to lead her … give her space to fly on her wings and be there to catch her if she’s disbalance or fall.”
    Disclaimer: Actually, there are no hard and fast rule as what will work and what will not. But, you still have to be circumspect. You cant leave the things solely on your fate. Put in some effort and do your homework. Try to find out what the girl likes and then talk about that. A girl would love to have a conversation if the topic interests her.
    All the best :)

    I know a girl...

    I know a girl..
    She’s a bit weird..
    She is a pretty girl but claims she’s ugly..
    She looks like a happy girl but in her diary, she writes that she is sad..
    She is funny but with a cold smile..
    She is talkative yet when it comes to her feelings, she hides it all..
    She loves everyone but she thinks no one loves her..
    She is quiet but she listens to loud music that expresses her real emotions..
    She walks slowly and appreciate everything..
    She feels bad but never complains..
    She is my best friend and all i want is to share her burden.
    to let her know that i’m always here for her.
    to help her show her true self one day…
    She keeps asking me ‘will i ever find that one guy who’ll finally break my shell
    and open me up to the world?’
    and every time she asks that, I want to reply
    ‘Yes you will. cant you see I’m trying? I want to be that one guy…’
    But all I reply is ‘sure..’!!!

    Thaam le tu humein iss se pehle ki hum bikhar jaayein

    Kalam uthayaa hai haathon mein
    Tu jo aayaa hai in yaadon mein
    Charcha tera bhar-e-shaam karenge
    Aur ek kalaam tere naam karenge
    Tere khayalon ko apna thikanaa banayengee
    Banzar zindagi ko aansuon ka samndar banayenge
    Laut ke jo aaye tu ye waqt se guzaarish karenge
    Warnaa yun kab tak jeene ki aur khwaish karenge
    Thaam le tu humein iss se pehle ki hum bikhar jaayein
    In dhadkanon kya kya hai bharosha kab ye thehar jaayein
    Aadhi adhuri in saanson ka tere bina aur kya karenge
    Muskuraa to sake nahi, roz yun gazhalon mein roya karenge
    © Asim

    Mera Bharat Mahan

    Soch ka hai sab kamaal  warna kya hindu kya musalmaan
    Bhinn hai sab phir bhi sab kehte hain mera bharat mahan
    Tahzeeb hain yahan ki mitti mein banke laal lahoo
    Rang bhed se hai jo pare aise desh k bare meiin aur kya kahoo
    Ye hai anginaat mahapurushon ki janm sthali
    Dharashaayi kardein jo kisi bhi desh aise hain hum bahubali
    Swabhao se hain hum log hain kuch shaant pravirti ke
    Faaydaa uthate hain iskaa kuch mulq ku-parviti ke
    Aye mere hum wataon apne andar ki soch ko badlo
    Dushamno ka toh  khatma ho jayega pehle apne ko toh badlo

    © Asim

    Rupaiya Song | Aamir Khan | Satyamev Jayate

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    Humein kabhi to dil se apnaya hota

    Apna samjh k humein kabhi to dil se apnaya hota,
    Saath na sahi par humein dur se to azmaaya hota
    Pabandiyon k bandhan mein hum bandhe na hota
    Humein bas ek baar agar aapne pyar se bulaya hota

    © Asim, All rights reserved.
    Digitally Protected Work

    Adhuri Chahat

    Shayad ankahi kahin reh gayi thi meri mohabbat
    Tanha yaadon mein tere jalta raha jo main din raat
    Ab tere baad kya bacha hai inn suni raahon mein
    Ibadat thi tu meri jo ban gayi ab mere dil ki adhuri chahat
    © Asim, All rights reserved.
    Digitally Protected Media.

    Muskuraate Raho Sada

    Muskuraate raho sada zindagi mein tumhe ho na koi gum
    Daaman mein khushiyon ki sugaatein hogi jo kabhi na ho kam
    Aapke janmdin par ye baharein saath humari ye deti hain duaein
    Hasratein aapki koi adhuri na rahegi jisse aankhein aapki ho jaye nam

    © Asim, All rights reserved.
    Digitally Protected Media.

    Janmdin Mein

    Phoolon ki sugandh se sugandhit ho jeevan tumhara
    Taron ki chamak se sammilit ho jeevan tumhara
    Umr aapki ho suraj jaisi
    Yaad rakhe jise hamesha duniya
    Janmdin mein aap mehfil sajayein aap aisi
    Subh din ye aaye aapke jevan mein hazaar baar
    Aur hum aapko ”Janmdin Mubarak” kehte rahein har baar

    © Asim, All rights reserved.
    Digitally Protected Media.

    Gajendra Verma - Mann Mera (Official Video)

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