Friday, August 30, 2013

Phir se wahi zindagi..

Phir se wahi zindagi jo humko mile,
Phir se wahi pyar ho tumhi se ho,
Phir se wahi zindagi jo humko mile,
Phir se wahi pyar ho tumhi se humein,
Palkon pe yaadon ki sari boondein hain,
Bheege hue pal tumhe phir se dhundein hain,
Dur hoke bhi tum saath ho aise,
Mere sath hai parchaye jaise,
Dard humein aur bhi ab gehra lage,
Tum jo nahin sab humein sahra lage,
Baahon mein lamhon ki bas nishani hai,
Jo na kahi dil ki wahi ab kahani hai,
Mere hum zubaa mere hum nafz ho tum,
Maine zindagi de di hai tumko...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tujhe paane ki hasrat liye

तुझे पाने की हसरत लिए हमें एक जमाना हो गया !
नई नई शायरी, करते तेरे पीछे,
देख मैं शायर कितना पुराना हो गया !
मुए इस दिल को संभालना पड़ता है हर वक़्त !
दिल न हुआ गोया बिन पजामे का नाड़ा हो गया !
मर्ज में न फर्क, तोहफों में खर्च अलग !
इलाज में खाली सारा, अपना खज़ाना हो गया !
दिल दर्द से भरा, और जेबें खाली !
ग़म ही इन दिनों, अपना खाना हो गया !
मुद्दतें हो गई, रोग जाता नहीं दिखता,
अस्पताल ही अब अपना, ठिकाना हो गया !
तू भी तो बाज़ आ कभी, इश्कियापन्थी से...
पागल भी देख तुझे, कब का सयाना हो गया !

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Unhe to khushi hogi humari barbaadi ka manzar dekhkar

Mohabbat ke raahon mein wo humein
barbaad kar gaye
Phir bhi hum khuda se unki abaadi ka
fariyaad karte gaye
Unhe to khushi hogi humari barbaadi ka
manzar dekhkar
Par aaj bhi hum apni barbaadi mein
unhe yaad kar gaye


Chupate kab tak hum apni tanhayee ko
Humsafar ban kar akele chhod gaya koi
iss rahee ko
Shiqayat nahi humein uss bewafa
humrahee se
Lafz nahi milte karne ko apne zazbat
Kaiselikhun halat apni is nacheez sihayi
Judayee apne pyar ka khamoshi se sahe
jaa rahein hain
Khushi zhalakti hai chehre se par dil-e-
gum piye jaa rahe hain
Dost dete hain maushvira ki bhul jaao
use, wo thi ek bewafa
Par na jane humein kyon lagta hai wo hai
Samhale rakhta hoon apne khayalon ko ki
kahin bikhar na jaye
Darr hai bikhar gaye kahin agar ye mere
Anjaam-e-mohabbat se meri kahin, ye
duniya na sihar jaye

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Obama administration has intervened in the Apple vs. Samsung patent battles.

In a rather unexpected turn of events, the
Obama administration has intervened in the
Apple vs. Samsung patent battles. In a letter
to the International Trade Commission’s
chairman, The Honorable Irving A.
Williamson, the Obama administration has
disapproved the commission’s ruling against
Apple, which would have meant that the
iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 and the 3G
versions of the first and the second
generation iPads would have been barred
from being imported into the U.S., for the
time being. Specifically meant for devices
that worked on the AT&T network, the order
was with regards to an alleged infringement
of a Samsung owned patent by Apple, with
regards to how data is transmitted over a
cellular network.
The letter written by Obama administration’s
US Trade Representative and the president’s
adviser on international trade issues, Michael
Froman says, “The Policy Statement expresses
substantial concerns, which I strongly share,
about the potential harms that can result
from owners of standards essential patents
("SEPs") who have made a voluntary
commitment to offer to license SEPs on
terms that are fair, reasonable, and non­
discriminatory ("FRAND"), gaining undue
leverage and engaging in "patent holdup",
i.e., asserting the patent to exclude an
implementer of the standard from a market
to obtain a higher price for use of the patent
than would have been possible before the
standard was set, when alternative
technologies could have been chosen.”
This intervention means that Apple can
continue to import and sell the devices in
question, but this in no way impacts the
newer devices because they use a different
and more upgraded hardware, which
apparently don’t infringe on Samsung’s
Intellectual Properties.
This is a rather significant development,
because this is the first time since 1987 that
the presidential order, also known as POTUS,
has been injected into an international trade
dispute on U.S. Soil. At that time, the Reagan
administration had vetoed an order in the
dispute between Texas Instruments and
Samsung, Sharp, NEC and Toshiba.
source: - thinkdigit

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friendship Day Shayari / Poems / SMS / Quotes

Ek phool bagh saja deta hai,
Ek sitara sansaar chamka deta hai,
Jaha duniya ke rishtey kaam nahi aata,
Wahin ek dost zindagi bana jata hai.

Friendship Day Shayari / Poems / SMS / Quotes

Jo dil ke karib hi nahi saanso me base ho,
Dost sache agar sath ho to roya nahi karte.
Jo ho jeene ki wajah vo har pal yaad aate
Gum me bhi sukun de ese doston ko khoya
nahi karte…

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