Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maine tere ghar ke bahar hai siti bajayee...

Ek ladka ek ladki se jan se jyada pyar karta..

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mera Deewanapan | Amrinder Gill | Judaa 2

Cham Cham Eh VarSange,
Mere DeDH nu Tarsange.
Nain Tere Nain Tere , Nal Tarsuga DIl Tera..
Mera Dewanapan tenu, Karu PAgal, Mere Katil ,
Eh Wada Ae Mera..!
Dhup de Vangu Kania De Vich Rahat BAn Jana..
nai Shutni Teri Ni Oh Adat Ban Jana..
Dil VI Thadku Akh VI Farku, Jaan Jani, Naini
PAini , PAungia JAd yaadan Gheraa..
Mera Dewanapan tenu, Karu PAgal, Mere Katil ,
Tere Nal Eh Wada Ae Mera..!
Tere Naina De Vich Supna vange Bas JAna,
Sahan Wangu Teri Dhadkan VIch Rass Jana,
Dil Cho Kadna, Shanu Shadna, Hoju Aukha, Kam
Ni Saukha, Bol Je Karlegi Jeera..
Mera Dewanapan tenu, Karu PAgal, Mere Katil ,
Tere Nal Wada Eh Wada Ae Mera..!
Mera Dewanapan tenu, Karu PAgal, Mere Katil ,
Tere Nal Wada Eh Wada Ae Mera..!
Ape Sade Kadman De Vich Dil Tu Dhar Dena,
Ek DIn Tenu Jind Ne Tenu BeBash KAr Dena,
Chadke Ayian , Saun Chadiyan, Dhupe Pale, TU
Salale, Roj Hi MAregi Ghera.
Mera Dewanapan tenu, Karu PAgal, Mere Katil ,
Tere Nal Wada Eh Wada Ae Mera..!
Mera Dewanapan tenu, Karu PAgal, Mere Katil ,
Tere Nal Wada ...!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mahindra Centuro - An Owner's Review



Mahindra Two Wheelers once again aims at getting a good share from the most profitable segment: the commuter segment, with it’s latest entry Centuro (110c) and is claimed to be the most unique presentation in the market for the segment it presents because of the features it offers on the cards.
A mileage 85.4 kmpl aided by its MCI5 engine, coupled with some very handy features such as Distance to Empty Meter, Anti Theft Alarm and off-course the unique style with golden ribs.

After their failure with models such as Stalio they must have learnt something good and have come up with this new entry.

Now carrying on with the review as an owner’s point of view –

Style – The front reminds me of the TVS Flame’s look now hold on; I don’t say it completely looks the same only the front head mount looks the same, below which the golden ribs (some might have seen them in higher cc oil cooled  racing engines) resides, mind you these are just to enhance the looks of the bike nothing else, the front has 3led light arrays besides the main light console (looks good at night), the tail end light also boosts of an all led lit compartment, the tank has 12lts+ holding capacity but does not look odd at all thanks its size ratio with the bike, but which may disappoint as in looks is it’s turn signal lights which are old in style and the round cervical ones not new triangular ones.

Engine- 106.7-cc, MCi-5 (Micro Chip Ignited-5 Curve) single cylinder, air cooled four-stroke motor developing 8.4PS and a four-speed transmission producing a power 8.5 bhp at 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.5 Nm at 5500 rpm.

The above seems bookish right??
I know it too, so writing the real thing below…

The engine is a noisy engine and you don’t expect an 110cc engine to shout that much, secondly it has a bad habit of cold starts and even more awkward situation is when it shuts down for no reason in 3rd and 4th gear sometimes while going up or down the gear ratios (I hope you’ll understand what I am trying to say or convey here; extremely sorry for my bad English :p)
The next part the gear ratios are bad like if you are in 4th gear and you really need that pull from the overtake sometime it won’t give you, you have to shift down and go again :p
The engine pulls up to 85km/hr with a pillion rider to account to its top speed but the engine does vibrate when above 70 km/hr.

Now comes the mileage which every Indian in the commuter section seeks or asks for before buying a bike; you may get disappointed here because the engine never gives the mileage or the mileage as claimed by the company (85.4km/lt) instead it gives a figure of 50-55 km/lts in the city traffic and 54-57 on highways.

Handling- The bike is really a comfort ride and won’t tire you in long journeys too (drove it 246kms at a stretch). It does amaze me with its good road grip even on speeds above 70 i.e. does not turn to be a shaky machine on wheels.

Pricing- The bike is available starting from 46,500 INR and does go up state wise because of different state taxes so do check out the local dealers for that.

After Sales- Another department where Mahindra Two Wheelers has to improve is definitely this section because the service center for most authorized dealers doesn’t have company trained company mechanics.

Verdict- If you are eying for a bike with a good mileage this bike is definitely not meant for you, and the engine also does not seem to give you a worry free ride in the long run, but the features and looks may attract you and another positive thing for the bike is it’s pricing, I leave it to you to decide this bike's future :p.

What’s GoodFeatures (Anti-theft key, Find-me lamps, Fully lit digital dashboard, FOB Key Holder), Style, Price


What’s Bad – Engine, Mileage, After Sales



The above review can be taken or read as a personal views of an owner of the bike Mahindra Centuro, Shayari N Shayari Networks® is in no way related to any of the competing brands of the company .Logos, names and features are the property of MTWL.

The above article is a copyright work under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Main dhundne ko zamane mein jab wafa nikla : Heartless

Main dhundne ko zamane mein jab wafa nikla
Pata chala ki galat leke main pata nikla

Jiske aane se mukammal ho gayi thi zindagi
Dastakein khushiyon ne di thi mit gayi thi har kami
Kyon bewajah diye saja kyon khwab deke wo le gaya
Jiye jo hum lage sitam, Saza woh aise de gaya

Main dhoondhne ko uske dil mein jo khuda nikla
Pata chala ki galat leke main pata nikla

Dhoondhta tha ek pal mein, dil jise ye sau dafa
Hai subah naraz us bin, roothi shaamein, din khafa
Woh aayein na, le jaayein na, haan uski yaadein jo hain yahan
Na rasta, na kuchh pata, main usko dhoondhoonga ab kahan

Main dhoondhne jo kabhi jeene ki wajah nikla
Pata chala ki galat leke main pata nikla

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ya maula chain le ya mera de sakun

Ya maula chain le ya mera de sakun
Ki bina yaar ab main na reh sakun

Bas teri yaad baaki, Bas dil mein tu hai tu hi
Main jeeyun kis tarah ho ke yaar tujh se judaa
Ya maula chain le ya mera de sakun

Wo tere vaade wo teri kasmein
Bhulun main kaise dil nahi hai bas mein

Tod ke aa jaa bandhan ras mein
Jal hi jal hai nain-kalash mein

Chalein saan toh main bhi kuch chalun
Ki bina yaar ab main na reh sakun

Uljhi hai kitni saanson ki resham
Aaankhon k sahil yaadon se hai nam

Suna sa hai dil ka ye aangan
Rakh do aa ke pyar ki shabnam

Milo tum kabhi toh main jee sakun
Ki bina yaar ab main na reh sakun

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Wishing all a very happy n prosperous new year, may the new year bring in all the joys and satisfactions to you all.

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