Tuesday, June 19, 2012

“Things a guy should never do on a date”

Preparing for a date is a tricky thing. You might have dated a number of girls in past, but that does not make you a player. There is no guarantee that you will be able to woo or impress the girl you are going to meet.
You might look your best on that day, have taken the shower twice or a full two hours in saloon. But that does not ensure success.
The first date can be like a “sale”. You are a salesman and the girl is your customer. You have great product (thats you) and the girl might be a serious customer. But, a few unwanted things you do and you are finished.
We asked girls on our faceboook pages as “what a guy should never do on a date?”
Here are the replies:
“Talking about ex” – Now, this is a great turn off. You should never talk about your ex on first date. This is an absolute no-no.
“Be who you are” – You should not be bragging or trying to become someone else. You have to keep it simple and natural.
“Keep checking your phone” – Girls need attention and when you are on a date, they want you to pay attention to what she is saying. If you keep checking your cell phone, she does not like it. It also shows that you are low on confidence. So, keep your phone away. And if you are carrying “HTC ONE”, keep it in your pocket. The girl does not care if it is a Rs 36000 phone. :P
“Dont discuss cricket” – Cricket is the most popular topic to talk on in India. But, for god’s sake, dont try to show off your cricketing acumen. You might think that if Dhoni listened to you in last match, he would score a ton. But, she wont give it a damn.”
“Dont wear sunglasses evening, that makes you look stupid. Once the sun is down, put your Rayban Avaitor off”
Here is a list of topics, a girl would not like to talk about on the date. You better skip them:
1) Computers
2) Bikes
3) Football, Cricket, other sports
4) Apps

The expert comments ( :P ) :
Pallavi Goyal says, “don’t be too formal & not too informal !!! be normal !!!! make her feel comfortable frst n thn try getting closer to her !!!! never ask her abt her past on the 1st date itself !!!! talk on normal romantic topis,, neither too boring nor too mushy !!!! :-)
Farah Khalique says, “Bth shd b honest 2 each othr n both shd rspct each othr,evn each othr’s priorities. If a gal dslikes smthn,da boy shld nvr do it n if a boy dslikes smthn dn a gal mst also abstain 4m it,dey shd b trthfl 2 each othr n shd nvr hide smthn whch z rlvnt 2 dr rltnshp n 2 bth of dm. Its true,V mst lrn 2 behv wd ppl in da sm way as V xpct dm 2 behave wd us. Ds cn nly hppn,whn ds ppl knw each othr prprly,so,blnd dts shd b avoided as fr as pssbl,cz hr da chnces of deceit z max.”
Aparna Shukla Tripathi says, “do not try to lead her … give her space to fly on her wings and be there to catch her if she’s disbalance or fall.”
Disclaimer: Actually, there are no hard and fast rule as what will work and what will not. But, you still have to be circumspect. You cant leave the things solely on your fate. Put in some effort and do your homework. Try to find out what the girl likes and then talk about that. A girl would love to have a conversation if the topic interests her.
All the best :)

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