Sunday, December 2, 2012

Salora SM 502 - Review

Wrap up of the whole review In one sentence – “Chinese cell phone under Indian brand name  :-p”

Now detailed pros and cons of the phone

Lets first have a look at the pros..

  1. Dual Sim with dual standby
  2. Large n clear screen with bright backlight makes it a ease to use even under sunlight
  3. Call Recording facility (almost unlimited; depends upon the size of memory card you use on the phone ) n auto reply..
  4. Mobile Tracker
  5. Dual LED Torch and wireless FM
  6. .txt files can be customized and stored for later reading as e-Books (it does not support .PDF files under Its e-Book functioning)

Now comes the big list the cons..

  1. its humongous 1800mAh battery takes a hell lot of time to charge back to full capacity
  2. the navigation keys(up, down, left, right) are too closely placed (congested), one needs to be extra careful while using them (actually the whole keypad is a cheap piece of plastic mould and it does not give the freedom to use them without difficulty)
  3. the sound quality output through its 3.5mm jack is very bad (tried using my Skull Candy headphones, but then too the output did not show any improvement L)
  4. The operational interface is limited (like - can’t change themes, large sized images can’t be set as wallpapers it needs to be resized etc.)
  5. though 1.3Mexapixel camera is equipped with the phone its image quality is similar to a Nokia VGA camera
  6. GPRS connectivity through this phone actually sucks (slow, the web pages which don’t have mobile version can’t be opened directly, no streaming video is supported, the applets show listed like Facebook, MSN are just shortcut of their WebPages nothing else)
  7. the charger cable is too short to be used as a traveler charger
  8. no details about the service center neither on their website nor on the warranty manual card
  9. the supplied headphone quality is pathetic (failed with 15 days, no sound output from one of the sound buds)
  10. (adding this on my 23rd day of the cell use) ... it switched off on its own and now not switching at all...(cursing my decision to buy this phone should have gone ahead again with Nokia 101)

overall verdict Is - pathetic, poor...

And off course about the battery power/backup “I found nothing to boast about”

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